Celebrating Leadership and Continuity: Open Arms’ Executive Director’s Sabbatical and Co-Director Announcement

June 26, 2023 10:20 am Published by

Dear Open Arms Family,  

Thanks to truly groundbreaking support from the BIPOC Executive Directors Coalition as well as the generosity and support of Open Arms, I will be taking a sabbatical from July 1, 2023, to January 8, 2024. As a close friend of Open Arms, you already know just how much we have transformed, grown, and weathered. Leading a nonprofit over the last few years felt like sailing through a hurricane, and it’s time for me to catch my breath. I plan to use this opportunity to rest, recenter, and regain my natural skin tone! There will not be Zoom calls or work emails. There will be mom-daughter cuddles, reconnecting with family and friends, as well as travel. I’m also excited because you will witness just how deeply our organizational strength and commitment to shared leadership run.   

I’m honored to announce that Deandra Ludovice and Cynthia Turrietta will act as Co-Executive Directors to lead in my absence and draw upon over 15 years of combined experience within Open Arms. Deandra and Cynthia have their fingerprints on every success and milestone we’ve achieved. They are brilliant, respected, fierce leaders and mamas who are deeply grounded in our mission, vision, and values. They will be supported by our Board of Directors as well as  team leaders who will continue to do exceptional work. We have prepared for this transition thoughtfully; Open Arms could not be in better hands.   

While I am away, please stay connected, because babies will be born, and you will want to see what we have planned. Just take a look at the extraordinary impact we achieved in 2022, even as the world made birth work and perinatal support increasingly complex. You can track our events and training opportunities on our event calendar, consider volunteering or partnering with us, or help us meet our fundraising goal this year. 

Thank you in advance for all you do as part of our family and for sustaining this community treasure. There is truly no equal to Open Arms. That is why you will see me again in January, rested and ready for the next chapter.  

With love,