Simone's Story

“In the first one or two visits, Penny and I learned how to latch. After a month or two we were professionals! You would’ve never thought there was a time when we didn’t know what to do. If Markia and Elizabeth didn’t hand me all their knowledge, I don’t know if I would’ve continued breastfeeding. I can’t say enough how much I appreciate them! —Simone, Lactation Support Program 

Asha's Story

“When I first decided to get a doula, I didn’t expect what I received. Suad was a true gift that not only oversaw the safety of my child as she came into this world, but she truly cared for my well-being and helped me to become the mother that I am now. Suad never judged me, and she gave me the confidence to overcome any obstacle and not to let anyone walk over me, doctor or not.” —Asha, Community-based Outreach Doula Services

Makayla's Story

“During my second pregnancy, I was matched with my doula Bre, who was caring, kind, and nurturing. After a complicated labor, I felt my life source fading. I couldn’t hold [my baby] to nurse. Bre knew I was scared so she was there to console me.” —Makayla, Birth Doula Services

Ebony's Story

“I wanted a Native doula and they said, “Memorie is great!” And she came to my house and as soon as I saw her, it was like love at first sight. We just clicked. We clicked instantaneously. She really helped me to understand how to breathe through my contractions and to take it slow, focus, visualize, and take it step by step. She helped my husband understand how to support me through my labor so that he knew what to do and expect. It was fabulous.” —Ebony, Community-based Outreach Doula Services

Ashleigh's Story

“When I reached out to Open Arms I had no idea how much it would cost to hire a doula or if it would be feasible on our family’s limited income. When they told me that I qualified for services at no cost to our family, I broke down in tears on the phone. Kristin celebrated milestones with us and sat with us during struggles.” —Ashleigh, Birth Doula Services

Erica, Eriona & Yasira's Stories

“My birthing plan was to go natural without any medicine and some people that were there [at my birth] were wanting me to get medicine just because they didn’t want to see me in pain, but Rokea stood up for me. Having her there and being an advocate was what I needed, because I wasn’t able to do that for myself.” —Eriona, Community-based Outreach Doula Services