Why I Became an Open Arms Doula – Stephanie’s Story

June 14, 2021 5:36 pm Published by

Being an Open Arms birth doula makes me feel like I’m contributing to positive change while staying connected within my community. My first impression when I walked into Open Arms (pre-COVID when we worked in a shared office) was the immediate comfort I felt. Everyone was very warm and I felt like I was finally in a space that would allow me to grow in birth work while having the support of other birth workers in the community! As I support families, the Open Arms staff and other doulas support me. Being an Open Arms doula makes me feel like I am part of a community that truly cares about its members.

I took my first birth with Open Arms in January 2020. As a new doula, Open Arms made me feel comfortable working with families because I felt like I wasn’t taking this leap alone; I had support behind me. As a part of the Birth Doula Services team, I have access to resources, opportunities, and services that have helped each and every one of my clients. I’ve also received many training opportunities to further my knowledge and make me an even better birth worker. I really have learned so much from working with my Open Arms client families, and it’s been an honor.

~Stephanie Lewis

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