Why I joined “The Mama-logues” Cast

May 9, 2019 1:48 pm Published by

Why I joined “The Mama-logues” Cast

by Cynthia Turrietta, Early Learning Program Director

Parenting is complicated at any stage of life; there is a constant barrage of information in books and blogs all trying to tell new parents the “best” way to parent. I am a first-generation American, and you better believe that my mother and the rest of my extended family have just as much Mexican parenting advice they so generously and voluntarily share with me.

Nothing truly prepared me for parenthood. Not the hundreds of online articles I read, not even the generations of parenting practices my mother shared with me. Oh, and not to mention the years of experience spent working with children and in social work.

Becoming a mother to my beautiful daughter, Luna, was the most exciting and terrifying thing that I have ever experienced. My husband and I tried to prepare for her arrival with absolutely no idea what to expect. In true new parent fashion, we stumbled through our first few months, trying to get as much sleep as we could. Mealtime was now what I so lovingly referred to as “zombie eating,” which I use to describe times when I did not know if I was chewing or sleeping.

Learning and growing into this new mama role has been so surprisingly chaotic and unexpected that at times all I could do was laugh! So, last year, when I attended “The Mama-logues: A Comedy Variety Show About Motherhood” something clicked. Finally! A night where I could laugh at all the ups and downs of parenthood, relax, and enjoy the experience of knowing that we are all just trying to figure out this parenting thing.

2019 Mama-logues cast at dress rehearsal

This year I took a leap and joined the cast because, why not?! As a new parent, I have two years of raw material to work with to benefit two great organizations, Open Arms Perinatal Services and WestSide Baby. Plus, a valid reason to have a night out with some laughs! Count me in!

Participating as a cast member has been such an incredible experience, from the first rehearsal where we reviewed potential material, shared a meal and drank wine (so nice to have a baby-free night and WINE!) to the one-on-one sessions with our Director Shelby Skiena. It’s so nice connecting and sharing with other mamas who get it!

I’m excited to share my perspective as a first-generation Latina woman becoming a mother, maintaining my Mexican culture while being surrounded by American styles of parenting.  I get loads of advice and stories from my mother, my grandmother, and my aunts who all tell me how I turned out just fine!

I can’t wait to share some stories (and wine) with you at “The Mama-logues: A Comedy Variety Show About Motherhood” show this year! You won’t want to miss it!

Tickets still available for the 7pm show Friday, May 10th. Get them while they last! 

Congrats to Seattle’s Child and Ann Bergman, publisher and founder, for 40 years!
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