This collection of recordings offers practical advice for common lactation issues, traditional perspectives and practices of lactation, and answers to questions like is your baby getting enough milk?

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Postpartum Care: Baby is Here! | A PIHB TALK STORY


Open Arms Lactation Peer Counselors

Native Breastfeeding Week 2020

Is my baby getting enough milk?

Cultural Traditions & Breastfeeding

Proper Latch & Galactagogues

Taking the Fear out of Breastfeeding

Elizabeth Montez Lactation Journey

Lactation Through Different Ages & Stages

Amplifying LGBTQ+ Lactation Voices with Vanessa Lovejoy Guron

Tongue Ties

Wednesday Virtual Lactation Lounge with Faisa & Mary

API Breastfeeding Week

Black Breastfeeding Week 2020

Introducing a Bottle to the Lactation Journey

Lymphatic Massage for Managing Engorgement

Your Lactation Support Peer Counselors walk us through: THRUSH! Battle of the Sugar Beasts

How Do I Know Baby Is Getting Enough | TikTok

How To Know Baby Is Getting Enough

Bottle Feeding!

Holiday Spirits!

Supporting the Lactation Journey

Introducing Solids to Your Nursing Baby


Returning to Work | Lactation Support!


How to Support the Nursing Parent

Parenting Postpartum

Indigenous Milk Medicine

Mewinzha Ondaadiziike Wiigaming, (Long Ago, Women Birthing, In Birthing Lodge, Home, or Hospital)


Breastfeeding: Restoring Traditions, Healing Community with Elizabeth Montez Giras

Birth as Ceremony and Colostrum: Baby's Perfect First Food


Supporting the Lactation Journey

Parenting Pregnancy

Returning to Work

Parenting Postpartum Pregnancy

Queering the Fertility Story

Childbirth Postpartum Pregnancy

Introducing Solids to your Nursing Baby

Parenting Postpartum

How to Support the Nursing Parent

Parenting Postpartum