Abortion Doula Directory

Abortion Doulas

Aleca Murphy

Phone: (206) 335-2353

Website: iamancs.com

Tags: Pro Bono

Alice Arden

Email: aliceardendoula@gmail.com

Phone: (206) 487-2893

Website: aliceardendoula.com

Locations: King County

Tags: Full Spectrum, Postpartum, Pregnancy Release Support, LGBTQIA+/poly families, Abortion Support

Briana Singh

Email: Beehearddoula@outlook.com 

Website: beehearddoula.com 

Locations: South Seattle to Olympia

Tags: BIPOC, Full Spectrum, Postpartum, Abortion Support

Cassie Friedle

Website: doulamatch.net/profile/33721/cassie-friedle

Tags: Pro Bono

Chyna Roberts

Email: mckennatiland@gmail.com

Phone: (425) 971-6297

Locations: Everett and surrounding areas

Tags: Sliding Scale

Giselle Teston

Email: giselle.teston@gmail.com

Phone: (917) 557-6632

Website: facebook.com/sagefemmenistblog

Locations: Seattle and King County

Tags: BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, Abortion, Postpartum

Sheilena Martinez

Phone: (253) 343-8945

Website: doulamatch.net/profile/29014/sheilena-league

Tags: Pro Bono

Nemah Faaloua

Email: nemahfaaloua@gmail.com

Website: brujitamedicina.com

Tags: Herbalism, Ancestral Medicine, Sliding Scale

McKenna Tiland

Email: mckennatiland@gmail.com

Phone: (360) 631-4483

Website: mckennatiland.com

Tags: Pro Bono

Sam Lassoff

Email: Sammy.lassoff@gmail.com

Phone: (805) 338-7038

Locations: Seattle, King County

Tags: Full Spectrum, Abortion Support, Birth

Sumati Vijaysimha

Phone: (425) 522-2692

Locations: Seattle and surrounding areas

Website: lifecirclebirth.com/sumati

Tags: Full Spectrum, South Asian, Traditional Indian Postpartum Care, Ayurvedic Prenatal Preparation, Sliding Scale