About Open Arms

Open Arms Perinatal Services embraces a world that cherishes birthing women, their babies, families and communities. Our mission is to provide services that support, educate, respect, honor and empower women and their families throughout the childbearing year.

Open Arms Perinatal Services was founded in 1996 to serve pregnant women and their families in the Puget Sound area. Over the years, we’ve grown and added more programs, but we remain true to our community roots. Our programs include Birth Doula Services, Outreach Doula Services and the Scholarship Program. You can read more about these on our website.

Open Arms’ goals are to:

  1. Provide women with access to quality, culturally appropriate perinatal care.
  2. Encourage stronger, healthier families through increased mother-child bonding and support in the childbearing years.
  3. Decrease infant mortality rates, especially for Latina and African American women who are disproportionally affected.
  4. Provide the opportunity for more women to initiate breastfeeding, in keeping with well documented positive health effects.
  5. Help provide mothers with empowering birth experiences that usher them into motherhood feeling prepared and successful in advocating for themselves and their children.

Every month, more women apply to Open Arms for services than we are able to serve. If you’d like to be a part of the Open Arms mission and goals, please consider supporting us with a financial contribution and help us to serve more women and families and give them the best start in life. Thank you.

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