Love a Mom? Seattle Central Community College Mother’s Day Project

Seattle Central Community College students are running a campus-wide opportunity for student giving in honor of mothers for Mother’s Day. Open Arms is honored to be among the recipients listed for donations.

The faculty have responded by challenging each other to get 5 people to donate and to get each of those 5 people to get 5 people to donate. They have 67 faculty who have donated so far. The students also have inspired 11 other campuses to participate!

This is such a great idea. If you want to run your own Mother’s Day Project and challenge those you know to do the same, here is information about their project.

For those who love their moms, are moms, have wives, sisters and daughters who are moms:

Please consider the children of the poor world who have a 21 times greater chance of losing their mothers in childbirth. All children need a mother and motherhood should be as safe in poor communities as it is in wealthier communities.

Life without a mother is very difficult indeed.

Help make motherhood safe for all of us. A donation to reduce maternal deaths may be only $10  to you, but a living mother to a child in the poor world. Partners in Health campaign for safe motherhood will send an ecard to the mother you are honoring. Visit their website and donate your $10. (working in Lesotho, Malawi, Rwanda, Peru and other poor communities)

Other organizations: (through Christy Burlington’s organization – following her film “No Mother, No Cry” to be shown on the Oprah Winfrey Network on May 7) (making the experience of childbirth for low resourced women well supported here in Seattle!) (letting mothers choose when to become mothers)

Thank you for helping to keep mothers alive for ALL children!

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