Gates Foundation pledges $1.5B for maternal, child health

I just saw this news from the Gates Foundation, announced in June:

Gates Foundation pledges $1.5B for maternal, child health

This is an incredible statement of the importance of maternal and child health in our world. Melinda Gates says, “The goal is to design our work around the needs and wants of women and children, not around our own areas of expertise.” The Gates Foundation works with deep consideration to the needs of the communities they serve, for that is the way to achieve the greatest results.

Although much of the commitment in this pledge will go toward developing countries and the need is great, it’s important to note that improving maternal and child health, reducing infant and maternal mortality, and other health issues are not limited to countries away from the United States. The article states:

Death rates also rose in a few high-income countries, including the United States, although changes in reporting practices may have contributed to the increase. Looking at maternal-mortality rates globally, the United States now ranks No. 39, between Macedonia and Lithuania.

We should not forget that this work in improving the health and well-being of mothers is not only something that happens far away, but something that we should be addressing in our own community.

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