Skin-to-Skin Bonding after C-sections

I saw this blog entry today (it was posted a month ago) and thought that I must share it with you:

Skin to Skin Minutes After C/S in the OR… Speaking Up and Making it Happen

Go over there and read this and then take a look at her blog. This is a nurse who really understands how to make things happen and to get past all the objections and problems that we hear of that get in the way of women and their babies bonding and having a healthy start.

Check out the video on the blog – a great video on “Breast is Best” from Norway. WOW. I can’t even imagine that happening here – breastfeeding during a c-section? Baby skin-to-skin on way back to a room? If a mother’s not available, the father does skin-to-skin until the mother can be with the baby? Just listen to all the benefits of skin-to-skin. We in the US have a mighty backward system compared to Norway.

I’ll be adding this blog to our blogroll.

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