Happy Father’s Day from Open Arms!

Father’s Day – a day to celebrate the dads in our lives … our own, our spouses or partners, our children who themselves might have become fathers, and father figures who step in at important times in our lives and our children’s lives to give support and encouragement. If you’re a father yourself, know that your role is very much appreciated. A lot of people think these holidays are just another opportunity to sell cards and presents, but I do think there’s huge value in remembering to say thank you to those we love and appreciate. Hope your day was an enjoyable one.

As a doula, one of my biggest joys was supporting fathers in their transition to parenthood. I know that a lot of the focus in pregnancy is about the mother and baby. She goes through pregnancy, the baby grows, the labor and birth are joint efforts between mom and baby – but dads, I can only imagine what goes through your mind as the woman you love gives birth. What a joy to watch a dad relax into his own knowledge that he can be of help, that he doesn’t have to know everything or be in control in order to give a huge positive influence to his partner or his child.

I’ve been on vacation recently (therefore no posts to this blog!) and I’ve loved watching my husband be around for our kids. I see how much more easily they go to him to make themselves feel better when he’s been around more, and the confidence he exudes around them. I see the way he interacts with our children – different from me, and so very valuable.

To all the dads out there: thank you for everything you do for your families.

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