Part of the family

We’ve been really busy around the office these days. Another year is in full swing!

Our Program Coordinator Yvette Dioubate went to a parenting meeting a few weeks ago and wrote this nice note to me:

An experience I had this weekend- I went to a parenting meeting Village of Hope to speak about WCELI Doula Services b/c I was told by the coordinator there were a few pregnant women from the area who might be interested. Well only one pregnant woman (and her mother) showed up. So, as we got to talking more, turns out she already has a doula from us (Rachel Liberto) and they could not stop singing praises about her. They say they “love, love, love” their doula Rachel and she is now part of their family. The client’s mom was so thrilled that she was able to take her grandmother role and not have to be the sole support person, as well as she was thankful that at times when her daughter (the client) needed someone to talk to for pregnancy answers or wasn’t comfortable with talking with family, she could call her doula. I left feeling very proud of our service, and our doula.

Thanks Rachel for all you do for our clients! And thanks for sharing the story, Yvette!

Open Arms doulas – got any more stories to share? Email me at and I’ll post them!

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