Valuing women’s work

Today I was searching the web for information about doula programs.

There are a number of doula programs in the US that provide volunteer doulas to low-income or other special-need women free of charge. But as far as I know, Open Arms is the only program that provides paid doulas to low-income women free of charge.

As much as we believe that women deserve to have the highest quality care during childbirth, we also believe that women’s work is valuable and that doulas deserve to be paid.

That is why we pay market-rate to our paid doulas. Even our volunteers receive a stipend to defray the cost of serving our clients. None of our doulas serve completely for free. And none of our clients pay for services.

Radical, huh?

Do you know of any other program that has the same model? If so, I’d love to learn about them!

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