Early learning

Today’s video link comes from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation on Early Learning in Washington State.

They mention Thrive By Five, which is a public-private partnership to support early learning for children birth to five years old. By giving the very youngest learners access to learning opportunities, children can be ready for school.

When children are not prepared for kindergarten, they might never catch up. That’s a tragedy, and unnecessary.

What can be done?

One of the demonstration communities for Thrive By Five is White Center, with the White Center Early Learning Initiative (WCELI). Open Arms participates in the Integrated Home Based Services Approach of WCELI both through our Outreach Doula program and through birth doula support services.

Doulas are part of the demonstration community because support around the perinatal time is an ideal time to get families bonded and invested in their children. It’s a time for change, growth and new practices – and with resources and support, families can start getting children ready right from the start. It’s the “birth” in birth to five early learning.

Open Arms supports a baby’s first teachers – parents.

Check out Thrive By Five’s blog on our Blogroll.

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